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Rummy Rafael APK Download | Get ₹51 | Rummy Rafael App Downoad

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Rummy Rafael APK : – Today we have again come up with New Rummy Earning Application, where you are going to earn a lot of money by investing money, here you can earn 20Rs by investing 10Rs, friends this app is Lifetime application and New Earning Application has been launched from which you can earn thousands / lakhs of rupees.

About Rummy Rafael APK !

Rummy Rafael APK
Rummy Rafael APK

If you were searching for Old is Gold application, then this application can prove to be very good, because it has been many days since the launch of this application, yet this application is making a lot of noise in the market, so you can understand from this that This application is so popular, and the name of the application we were talking about is Teen Patti Rafael Apk.

Rummy Rafael APK Bonus Program !

There is a lot of bonus program in this application, we have not downloaded this app yet, you wait a little, we are coming by downloading this app. Now we have downloaded and installed this app and as soon as we open this app, we got a bonus of ₹ 5 and create an account and got a bonus of ₹ 5, that is, a total bonus of ₹51 is available in it. .

How many games are found in Rummy Rafael APK ?

teen Patti Wealth Apk, Teen Patti Wealth App

Friends, there are many such games inside this app in which you can earn very well, such as there are Teen Patti, Rummy, 7 Up Down and Dragon Vs Tiger games, we have listed all the games in this app. The following has been provided.

  1. Ludo
  2. Rummy
  3. 10 Cards
  4. Teen Patti
  5. Variation
  6. Dragon Vs Tiger
  7. Ander Bahar
  8. 7 Up Down
  9. Car Roulette
  10. roulette
  11. Best Of Five
  12. Zoo Roulette
  13. Black Jack
  14. Teen Patti 20-20
  15. Poker

How to get ₹51 in Rummy Rafael APK ?

Rummy Rafael APK Bonus ₹51
Rummy Rafael APK

Now let’s talk about how much bonus we get if we create our account in this, yes friends, this question is also very good, how much bonus is available in this app, then let me tell you that it has Sign- You get a bonus of ₹51 as soon as you up, in this you can also get a bonus of more money, because the company has been changing its program, maybe even change this bonus program.

How to create your account in Rummy Rafael APK?

If you want to earn from this application, then you will have to sign-up inside this application, because unless you create an account inside Teen Patti Rafael App, then where will your information be stored, so to make withdrawals by earning in it For this you have to create your account inside this app.

How to Create Account?

If you want to create your account inside Teen Patti Rafael Apk then you have to follow following step for this.

  • First of all, you have to click on our given link.
  • After that this app has to be downloaded and installed.
  • Now you have to open the app and come to the home page.
  • After that you have to click on Profile.
  • Now you have to fill your mobile number, password and OTP.
  • Then you have to click on register, then you have to create your account in it.
  • Now you get a bonus of ₹ 51 in your account.

Should we start earning from Rummy Rafael APK?

Yes friends, if you have created an account inside this app, then start earning your money, now what are you waiting for, if you do not know how to create an account, then you should read the above paragraph, because we have explained how to create an account in that paragraph. Do what they have been told,

So now you start earning online, but before that, if you do not know how to use the features given inside this app, then you must read this article, because we have explained about all those programs in this post. Which are very important in the Rafael Teen Patti App.

Is Rummy Rafael APK saved for adding money?

Yes my brother, now you can earn through whatever medium you want to earn, because this app is 100% Trusted, so you can add money to it if you want, but you have to spend at least money in it. Add and play because there is a financial risk involved in this Teen Patti Rafael Apk or any related app,

You may also have the habit of playing games inside it and you can even lose by forgetting, so we suggest that you start your earning by adding at least money to it.

How to add money in Rummy Rafael APK?

Like we told that you have been asked to add money in this, so now we will tell you how to add money to it, before that we tell you that to avoid its fraud, you should at least You can add ₹ 10 and maximum you can add ₹1,00,000 but my suggestion would be that you should not add that much amount, then you must have understood by now that

You do not have to add more amount inside this application at all and you have to add at least amount, so now you need to add money in it, so we have also solved this problem in the below paragraph. .

Ways to add money?

In such a situation, we have been told many times how to add money, but I am again telling you how to add money in this application, so you can read the following and know how to add money to it.

  • First of all download and install the Apk and open
  • To add, click on the Shop button given on the home page.
  • Select the amount as per your wish
  • Then click on Add Chips button
  • After selecting your payment method, fill the KYC details
  • And then make the payment through the same payment method
  • By which your amount will be added to your game account.

Bonus on adding money

Adding money to this app also gives some percentage bonus, and you can play that bonus game, we have given all the bonuses that are available in this Rummy Rafael App as below.

  • 1000Rs Add = Extra 2% Bonus
  • 3000Rs Add = Extra 2.5% Bonus
  • 5000Rs Add = Extra 3% Bonus
  • 8000Rs Add = Extra 3.5% Bonus
  • 8000Rs Add = Extra 3.5% Bonus
  • 10000Rs Add = Extra 4% Bonus
  • 500000Rs Add = Extra 4.5% Bonus
  • 100000Rs Add = Extra 5% Bonus

Refer & Earn Program in Rummy Rafael APK

If you want people to get commission through Refer & Earn inside this application, then for that you have to click on share button and share with your friends, on sharing you also get a very good bonus in which You can get a maximum bonus of ₹ 150 on the share of a friend, if your players recharge ₹ 1000 or above, then you have also been given commission in Refer & Earn, in which you can get a maximum commission of 30 percent and To get the commission, they have to click on Refer & Earn and then click on the button with Claim, which you will be able to get this bonus.

Note – You will be able to withdraw the bonus received in the Teen Patti Rafael Apk with the help of the following withdrawal program.

Withdrawal Program in Rummy Rafael APK !

A minimum of ₹ 100 has been kept for making withdrawals inside this application, which if you people complete, then you can also send this amount to your bank through bank or UPI. In this, you do not have to worry about the payment coming, in this fast payment is available.

  • To install Withdraw in Teen Patti Rafael APK, you follow the following steps –
  • First of all open the app and click on the Withdraw button given
  • Select UPI/Bank to start withdrawal
  • Fill in your bank information by clicking on Add Bank Account
  • Then fill your Withdraw Amount in the Amount Box and click on Withdraw button
  • So that now your withdrawal will be successful.
  • After waiting a few minutes, this amount will be received in your bank account.

Note – The minimum amount to withdraw in this application is ₹ 100 and there is no maximum limit, you will be able to withdraw as much as you earn.

Customer Support Cumber of Rummy Rafael APK

The good thing inside this application is that Live Customer Support is provided by the company through WhatsApp, so if you guys have any problem in it, you can easily take support through WhatsApp,

  • WhatsApp (1) – Coming Soon…
  • WhatsApp (2) – Coming Soon…

Friends, you have been given two WhatsApp numbers to take support in this, so through any of these two WhatsApp, you can take all the above.

Rummy Rafael APK Download Link !

To download this app, you can click on the following given download button and download this application through the official website –

Download Link

If you download this application through the download button given above, then you will also get a bonus of ₹51 for free.

Watch Video For Any Information About Teen Patti Rafael

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Q.1. What is the minimum withdrawal at Rummy Rafael APK ?
Ans. Earlier this application used to withdraw only ₹100.

Q.2. What is the maximum withdrawal in this?
Ans. There is no maximum withdrawal limit, you can withdraw as much as you can earn.

Q.3. How much do you get Register bonus in Rummy Rafael APK ?
Ans. In this, a sign-up bonus of ₹51 is available for creating an account.

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