Warning : - There is financial risk involved in all this application, so avoid adding your money inside it, otherwise you may suffer loss in this, you will be responsible for Loss.

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Rummy Ola APK | Bonus ₹49 | Rummy Ola App | Redeem ₹100

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Rummy Ola APK :- Musketeers, all of you’ll know that a lot of New Rummy App are coming these days, and numerous people are earning plutocrat by playing games and doing Refer & Earn. So in this post we’re going to tell you New Launch Rummy Teen Patti App which is veritably much vindicated, how you can earn plutocrat from Rummy Ola App, we’ve told in this composition.

APK information About Rummy Ola APK !

ola rummy apk
ola rummy apk
APK Name : Rummy Ola APK, Ola Rummy App
Size : 41.3 MB
Sign-Up Bonus : Rs.49
Min. Withdraw : ₹100/-
Referral Code : 2999859
Official Website : Visit Here

Teen Patti Ola APK is one of the stylish New Teen Patti App. From where you can earn a lot of plutocrat veritably fluently. You’ll get an instant ₹ 15 perk as soon as you produce your account in this operation, you can use these lagniappes to play in the game, and you can also withdraw them veritably fluently, because this app is going to be veritably vindicated, in this you’ll have to minimal There’s going to be a pullout of ₹ 100, if you haven’t downloaded this operation too, also you must download this app.

All Supported Games in Rummy Ola APK

ola rummy apk download
Ola Rummy Games

Friends, you will not have any shortage of games in this, because total 11 games are available to play in it, which you can play very easily inside this application, we have provided the following for all those games.

  1. Crash
  2. Dragon vs Tiger
  3. Ander Bahar
  4. 7 Up Down
  5. Car Roulette
  6. roulette
  7. Zoo Roulette
  8. Best of Five
  9. Teen Patti 20-20
  10. Baccarat
  11. 3 Card Poker
  12. Ludo
  13. Rummy
  14. 10 Cards
  15. Teen Patti
  16. Variation
  17. Black Jack
  18. Poker
  19. Fishing Rush
  20. Fruit Line

How to create account in Rummy Ola APK ?

ola rummy apk add 49 bonus
ola rummy apk bonus

If you want to establish an account on Teen Patti Ola APK, simply click on the link we provided, and a website will open in front of you, with the opportunity to input your phone number. Following entering and submitting the OTP, you must input the OTP and click submit, after which you will be sent to a website where you may download the programme.

  • Now you have to open this application
  • So there you will get the option to enter your mobile number.
  • Enter the mobile number there and click on login
  • Then this OTP will come in your phone
  • Enter it and click on Verify
  • In this way you will create an account inside this application

Invite & Earn “ Rummy Ola APK”

ola rummy apk refer & earn
refer & earn

If you wish to get money by adding any of your friends, this Rummy Ola App firm provides a terrific referral programme where you may receive a bonus for each person you invite. This incentive is also eligible for a recharge commission.

To do so, first click the ‘Share’ button on the home page, then select one of the three alternatives (1. WhatsApp, 2. Facebook, or 3. Copy Link) by clicking the ‘Copy Link’ button. You must share with your friends, and you will always receive the bonus if your friends invite you.

Agent Program “ Rummy Ola App”

You can earn commission on recharges made by your player as well as an affiliate incentive if you join the agent programme. You may earn up to 30% profit on your player’s recharges, and you can also earn affiliate commissions, albeit the firm has not specified what proportion affiliates get.

Weekly Program “ Teen Patti Ola APK”

  • ₹1,000 ₹3,000 ₹500
  • ₹3,001 ₹5,000 ₹1,000
  • ₹ 5,001 ₹8,000 ₹3,000
  • ₹ 8,001 ₹10,000 ₹6,000
  • ₹ 10,001 ₹15,000 ₹10,000
  • ₹15,001 ₹20,000 ₹15,000
  • ₹ 20,001 ₹30,000 ₹20,000
  • ₹ 30,001 ₹50,000 ₹30,000
  • ₹ 50,001 ₹80,000 ₹50,000
  • ₹80,001 ₹1,00,000 ₹80,000
  • ₹1,00,001 ₹99,99,999 ₹2,00,000

Bonuses “ Rummy Ola APK”

  • Daily Bonus – Under this, if you want to get daily bonus, then you can get some bonus daily.
  • Weekly Extra Bonus – Receive your Weekly Extra Bonus if you have a good amount in your accumulated weekly bonus.

Add Cash Program in Rummy Ola APK

ola rummy apk add money program
add money program

If you wish to contribute money to the Rummy Ola App, you may do so with a minimum of 100 and a maximum of 1,00,000. The good news is that you can add as much as you like. There is no need for any complicated procedures; you can just add funds using your bank’s UPI or Net Banking, after which you must complete a brief KYC in which you must provide your cellphone number and email address. KYC is something that everyone can do.

Note :- Friends, before doing an ad case inside this application, you have to keep in mind that it involves financial risk and you can also lose in it.

Download Link

How to Add Money?

In such a situation, we have been told many times how to add money, but I am again telling you how to add money in this application, so you can read the following and know how to add money to it.

  • First of all download and install the Apk and open
  • To add, click on the Shop button given on the home page.
  • Select the amount as per your wish
  • Then click on Add Chips button
  • After selecting your payment method, fill the KYC details
  • And then make the payment through the same payment method
  • By which your amount will be added to your game account.

Add Money Extra Bonuses

Adding money to this Teen Patti Ola APK also gives some percentage bonus, and you can play that bonus game, we have given all the bonuses that are available in this Rummy Ola App .

  • 1000Rs Add = Extra 2% Bonus
  • 3000Rs Add = Extra 2.5% Bonus
  • 5000Rs Add = Extra 3% Bonus
  • 8000Rs Add = Extra 3.5% Bonus
  • 8000Rs Add = Extra 3.5% Bonus
  • 10000Rs Add = Extra 4% Bonus
  • 500000Rs Add = Extra 4.5% Bonus
  • 100000Rs Add = Extra 5% Bonus

How to Withdraw Money in Rummy Ola APK

A minimum of 100 has been set aside for withdrawals inside this application, which you can send to your bank via bank or UPI once you finish the process. You do not have to be concerned about payment because rapid payment is accessible.

  • First of all open the app and click on the Withdraw button given
  • Select UPI/Bank to start withdrawal
  • Fill in your bank information by clicking on Add Bank Account
  • Then fill your Withdraw Amount in the Amount Box and click on Withdraw button
  • So that now your withdrawal will be successful.
  • After waiting a few minutes, this amount will be received in your bank account.

Note – The minimum amount to withdraw in this application is ₹ 100 and there is no maximum limit, you will be able to withdraw as much as you earn.

How to Download Rummy Ola APK?

If you guys want to download Rummy APK, then by clicking on the download button given below and downloading through the official website, you will get a bonus of ₹ 5 as well as a minimum withdrawal of ₹ 100.

Download Link

Conclusion “ Rummy Ola APK”

Now that the programme has been published, it appears that it is fully verified based on its features; nevertheless, whether the application is totally verified or not will only be known when it pays extremely successfully and any type of payment is made. Even though the problem isn’t stated, the subject of this application, i.e. the functionality accessible inside this application, is.

From this it is clear that the application is completely verified and if any other problem comes in the future, then people will get it automatically on this website, then you people must keep visiting this website of ours.

Customer Supportin Rummy Ola Mod Apk

ola rummy apk support
ola rummy apk support

Friends, you will have a lot of fun inside this programme because you will receive a lot of fantastic support, and even if you have an issue within this application, you will be able to solve it very simply since you will receive it through WhatsApp. Also, with the aid of Telegram, you will receive excellent support within this application; complete specifics regarding support may be found in the list below.

Is Rummy Ola APK safe?

Many of our friends believe that because this game isn’t available on Google Play, it can’t be dangerous. However, this is not the case; for your knowledge, according to Google Play Store regulations, no such game or application that provides you with gambling or betting capabilities is posted to the Play Market.

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Q.1. When is Rummy Ola App launched?
Ans. This application has been launched on 30 April 2022.

Q.2. What is Sign-Up Bonus in Teen Patti Ola APK?
Ans. The Bonus in ₹49.

Q.3. What is Minimum Withdraw in Rummy Ola App ?
Ans. The Minimum Withdrawal is Only ₹100.

Q.4. How many game types are available in Rummy Ola Download ?
Ans. Various types of games are available in Royal Rummy App.

Q.5. What is the minimum amount you can add for Ola Rummy APK?
Ans. The Minimum Add Money is Rs.11 /-

Q.6. How many times can you take Withdraw in a day “Rummy Ola App“?
Ans. Withdrawal is Up To 5 Times a Day

Q.7. How long does withdrawal take?
Ans. The Minimum Withdraw Time is 5-10 minutes

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