Warning : - There is financial risk involved in all this application, so avoid adding your money inside it, otherwise you may suffer loss in this, you will be responsible for Loss.

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Rummy VIP APK Download | Bonus ₹100 | VIP Rummy APP

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Rummy VIP APK Download :- You may visit the official website for the software we’ll be discussing in this article, Rummy VIP, at allrummy.app. You will have access to a wide variety of programs that can be utilized to make money, and you will also be given a 100 rupees minimum withdrawal limit.

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You should read this article if you are interested in learning about all of the program that are included in this application. If you are interested in downloading the app, you may download it from the download paragraph that is given below.

APK Name :Rummy VIP
APK Size :36.8 MB
Official Website :Rummy-VIP.org
SIGN-UP Bonus :₹100
Min. Cash Out :₹100
Download Link :Rummy VIP Download

About Rummy VIP APK

Friends, if we are talking about the Rummy VIP App then it is a type of online gaming earning application in which you can earn money by playing all different kinds of card games.

Within this game, there are various different games to play. There is also the option to only make money by sharing, in addition to the potential to earn money while playing. In addition, there is a mechanism for agents where the agent gets 30% of the friend’s reward bet bonus. If you want to take advantage of all of these options, you must download this app. You should download this application as soon as you can, if necessary.

Register Bonus in Rummy VIP Apk

Rummy VIP APK Download

If you wish to register within this app, then you may sign up in this app very easy, and if you do so, you will receive a bonus of 30 for playing as a guest and a bonus of 11 for binding your mobile number, for a total bonus of 51.

How Can I Sign Up for the Rummy VIP APK ?

If you want to establish an account inside Rummy VIP Apk, then you should know that when you make an account, you will receive a free bonus of 30 rupees. To do this, follow the procedures that are stated below:

  • Downloading this APK from the link that has been provided is the first step.
  • Install the application, then launch it, and you will be brought to the application’s landing page.
  • Then, after clicking on the button labeled “Profile,” the option to “Bind” will appear. After that, click the “Bind” button, enter your mobile number, password, and one-time password, and then click the “Register” button. As a result of this, your mobile number will be bound to this account, and it will also be successfully registered within this Apk.
  • You should get the full 40 bonus deposited into your app now.

How Many Different Varieties of Rummy Games Does the Rummy VIP App Offer?


As you are probably aware, Rummy VIP App is a highly popular game; hence, within this game, you will have the opportunity to play a wide variety of Rummy and Teen Patti games, some of which are as follows:

  1. Dragon Vs Tiger
  2. 7 Up Down
  3. Zoo Roulette
  4. Car Roulette
  5. Roulette
  6. 3 Card Poker
  7. Andar Bahar
  8. Teen Patti 20-20
  9. Baccarat
  10. Best Of Five
  11. Rummy
  12. 10 Cards
  13. Teen Patti
  14. Black Jack
  15. Variation
  16. Andar Bahar Go
  17. Poker
  18. Fishing Rush
  19. Rruit Line
  20. Fantacy Sports

Note: Within this application, there is support for a total of 20 different types of games, which are organised into three distinct categories; you can play games from any of these categories in order to earn money by participating in any game.

How Do I Add Money to the Rummy VIP APK ?

Rummy VIP APP Add Cash Program

If you want to add money to any game, the first thing you need to consider is whether or not the application provides payment. The Rummy VIP APK is a very verified application, and if you want to add money, you are free to do so at any time.

In this, you can add a minimum of 10 and add your cash up to a maximum of 2,00,000. In this, there is an option such as Bank / UPI / Debit Card to add rupees to it, and any kind of problem while adding rupees will be resolved automatically. No, in this scenario, you won’t have any trouble at all adding your money on top of your other money.

  • After downloading the Rummy VIP apk, you have the following options for adding money to your account:
  • To begin, launch the application, then select the Pay option from the menu that appears.
  • Then, choose an amount that corresponds to your preferences and click on the Add Chips button. After that, you will be presented with the choice between Paytm and UPI; pick either one, then click on the Next Step button.
  • When you add your Game ID for the first time, you will need to enter your KYC data. After that, you can add your Chips to the Game ID by selecting the payment method and then making a payment.

Note: The most significant thing about this application is that you may also put a minimum of 11 in this application, whatever provides you 1 percent extra cashback. This is the most important thing about this application.

What Types of Offers Are There for Adding Money to the Rummy VIP APK ?

We have provided the following penalty and the new app’s very advantageous benefit for you if you utilized the former app and did not comprehend how it was previously stated to you. These are what they are: If our explanation above wasn’t clear, they belong to the previous app. Everything will function as it should if you add all of the bonuses in the Add Money Bonus program in this app or if this is your first time adding it because we did a great job developing and designing it.

Add AmountExtra Amount (%)Total Amount

Refer-and-Earn Program for Rummy VIP Players

Rummy VIP APK Refer & Earn

If you want to make money through Refer & Earn, then a very good program has been given to earn by sharing it, and you have the potential to make a good amount of money through it. You have two different opportunities to bring in financial gain through the Refer & Earn system. 1. Share, and 2. Agent who operates as described below

  • Share: – If you install and open this program using my link, then you will get the share button below. If you click on it, then you get 50 on 5 friends, 100 on 10 friends, and 100 on 20 friends, so make sure you share it with as many people as possible. There are three options available: 1. Facebook, 2. WhatsApp, and 3. 3. Copy Link
  • Agent: – If you open this app, then click on the button that depicts an agent on the side, and go to the option of Rule, then you are eligible for the program that this app offers, which is a 30 percent lifetime recharge commission. Could turn out to be quite beneficial.

This Application Offers a Weekly Bonus Program.

Within this software, a program of Weekly Bonus has been supplied within the very best Refer & Earn, in which you have the opportunity to claim weekly bonus on every Monday of every week. This application is included in the very best Refer & Earn. The following is a rundown of the weekly bonus programs:

  • Earn ₹1000 – ₹3000 = Extra ₹500
  • Earn ₹3001 – ₹5000 = Extra ₹1000
  • Earn ₹5001 – ₹8000 = Extra ₹3000
  • Earn ₹8001 – ₹10000 = Extra ₹6000
  • Earn ₹10001 – ₹15000 = Extra ₹10000
  • Earn ₹20001 – ₹30000 = Extra ₹15000
  • Earn ₹30001 – ₹50000 = Extra ₹20000
  • Earn ₹50001 – ₹80000 = Extra ₹60000
  • Earn ₹80001 – ₹100000 = Extra ₹100000
  • Earn ₹100001 – ₹99999999 = Extra ₹2000

Rummy VIP Apk Offers Benefits for Daily Deposits

If you guys also deposit every day into Rummy VIP , then this program might be very advantageous for you. Within this program, you earn an additional bonus on every daily deposit, and the information regarding the bonus can be found as follows:


Note: All of you have the opportunity to receive additional cashback on each deposit in accordance with the bonus that is outlined in this table.

The “VIP Rummy APK ” is a Sharing Program.

The business has only recently launched a product called Wealth Sharing within this application. For a set amount of 100, you can use this program to get an invite for a buddy. You will receive 1000 if you refer a friend who makes a purchase of at least 1000. The bonus is free if you recharge for more than one hundred.

But, friends, this application has just been withdrawn; but, if and when another festival occurs, this application may also appear within it. It is a given that the following program will come in the name of this one; however, it is possible that another person may also appear within the name of the app.

In order to use this application , you will first need to click on the Wealth button that is located on the homepage. Once you have done so, you will need to invite friends by sending them the link through either Facebook or WhatsApp. Only then will you be allowed to use the application .

Is It Safe to Use the Rummy VIP APK ?

There is no reason for you to be concerned about the Holy Rummy App’s dependability because it has been 100% Verified, regardless of the fact that it is not available on the Google Play Store. Because this company claims to offer Live Customer Service, which you can get 24 hours a day through WhatsApp, in the event that you experience any issues, and because you can transfer the money you win in this game to your bank account without any additional issues or fees. *7 may make a request for help.

What exactly is the Mail Program that comes with the Rummy VIP Apk?

You can obtain the bonus that the corporation offers through a very good mail program that is included in this application. In addition, the company frequently publishes fresh updates that allow you to visit and learn more about the product. Regarding this, there are three different types of decisions that can be made:

  • System Mail
  • Personal Mail
  • Channel Mail

Note: Within these three selections, you will be able to find each and every update regarding the firm that is sent to you by the company.

How Can I Take Out My Money From the Rummy VIP APK ?

Rummy VIP Withdrawal

If we are talking about withdrawals inside of this game, then there is a withdrawal of at least 100 rupees inside of this app, and you can withdraw a maximum of 8,000 rupees in a single day. In this app, you can take withdrawals from your bank account or from your UPI account.,

where you must first verify your identification before applying to withdraw (KYC). The application has a 100% payment verification rate, so if you decide to accept the payment of 100 yen for this game, your payment will be regarded as having been successfully received. Regarding this, you should not worry about anything at all.

Transferring Money: –

You may have complete confidence in this app because it provides two options for money withdrawals (via your bank or through your UPI), money can be taken quickly from any bank, and there are no problems with money withdrawals. You can use the following way to transfer your money from this app to your bank account if you want to.

  • Installing and starting up the app is the first step.
  • The Withdraw option can be located at the bottom of the app once it has been opened. You will then be prompted to select the medium through which you wish to withdraw your funds.
  • To withdraw money from your account, after clicking on, you will be prompted to input the desired amount before clicking on the Withdraw option.
  • After that, you will see a button labelled History; you will need to click on that icon in order to view your Withdrawal History.
  • If you have already withdrew your money, then you will be able to view its entire transaction history.

Where Can I Find Rummy VIP Apk Download?

We have created a download button for this app, and if you click on it, you will be taken to the official website where you can get the app and download it there.

download link
Rummy VIP APK Download

We have created a download button for this app, and if you click on it, you will be taken to the official website where you can get the app and download it there.

Support for Customers on the Rummy VIP APK

VIP Customer Support is also accessible to you in Rummy VIP if you want to get in touch with customer support. You should get in touch with customer support if you experience any problems while playing the game because its service hours are from 7:00 AM to 7:30 PM. You now have the choice to get assistance for the remainder of the day, if you choose.

You must first click the PAY button on the homepage in order to access customer service. Following that, you must select the assistance menu. You’ll see a WhatsApp number when you arrive. You can use WhatsApp to contact Rangili’s customer support staff by clicking on that number.

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Q.1. When is Rummy VIP APK launched?

Ans. This application has been launched on 09 September 2022.

Q.2. What is Sign-Up Bonus in Rummy VIP APK?

Ans. The Bonus in ₹51 Only

Q.3. What is Minimum Withdraw in Rummy VIP Mod App ?

Ans. The Minimum Withdrawal is Only ₹100

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